Pending late-arriving absentee ballots and provisional ballots, the results of the 2013 general election for Cleveland Heights City Council are:

  • Jeff Coryell 6,595
  • Melissa Yasinow 6,126
  • Cheryl L. Stephens 5,761
  • Jason S. Stein 5,753
  • Fran Mentch 1,852
  • Keba Sylla 1,590
I'm inadequate to the task of expressing my gratitude to the multitude of advisors, friends, contributors, volunteers, supporters, and voters who encouraged me and supported me and got me elected to serve the community I love. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!

Elect Jeff Coryell to Cleveland Heights City Council

"Cleveland Heights is a vibrant community with charming and livable neighborhoods, unique and walkable business districts, lively arts and culture, and talented residents engaged in an exciting array of creative enterprises and pursuits. I am proud of our city's legacy of diversity, innovation, leadership, and progressive values.

"As a former government attorney, artist/small business owner, Board member of the Heights nonprofit organizations Reaching Heights and FutureHeights, and President of our Democratic ward club, I will bring a unique set of skills and experiences to city council. I pledge to provide fresh energy and imagination, to be accessible and responsive, to remain focused on the future, and to be a zealous and tireless servant of the people.

"Working together, I know that we can overcome the difficult challenges of our time and build a bright future for the community we all love."

About City Council and This Election

The Cleveland Heights City Council is responsible for approval of the city budget, selection of the mayor from among its members, determining the rate of city taxes, hiring of the city manager, and determining all of the city's policies which in turn result in programs implemented by the city manager and city staff.

Members of Cleveland Heights City Council are elected for four-year terms. All seven members are "at-large," meaning that each is elected by the entire city rather than an individual ward or district. The position is classified as non-partisan, so there is no primary election.

The terms of four out of the seven seats expire this year and are therefore set for a general election on November 5th, 2013. Because Mayor Ed Kelley and Councilwoman Bonnie Caplan have announced that they will not seek re-election, there are two open seats on the ballot in the general election. In addition, due to the resignation of Council Member Phyllis Evans in 2012, the remainder of her term will also be on the ballot in November as a separate special election. Appointed councilwoman Janine Boyd will defend her seat in the special election.


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